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i’ve been working on eyeWriter with zach and team the past couple months, and one thing we are implementing is mouse control. so I started writing a class that can control your mouse using obj-c and quartz events. After I got everything working, i went ahead and made an application that will not only quit […]

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Upverter is my new favorite thing. GitHub-like version control for hardware. You can create circuit schematics in browser. You can create your own parts. You can see a bill of materials of all the components used in your circuit with a click (including useful links like datasheet, manufacturer, part number, etc). You can embed your […]

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Weather Tunnel

I never said I would start chronologically. So, Citizen Sensor has received tons of press, and even continues to get some as recently as this month. I can’t tell you how humbling it is to have worked so hard on a single project and have that work be appreciated by so many different people. It’s […]

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