yup, i still use aim

who says AOL Instant Messenger is dead (other than AOL themselves) ! A bot just im’d me for the first time in years; here’s our exchange:

12:34:09 AM andiepgrl: heya.
12:35:38 AM me: salutations
12:35:42 AM me: oh you are a bot
12:35:46 AM andiepgrl: hi there. asl?
12:35:49 AM me: hahahaha
12:35:53 AM me: 12/f/FL
12:36:03 AM me: u?
12:36:05 AM andiepgrl: oh cool. im 18/f/cali. do u have any pixs?
12:36:16 AM me: you want pix of a TWELVE year old
12:36:30 AM andiepgrl: i have some on my profiIe on this dating website. wanna see?
12:37:15 AM me: you’d think your creator would have taken the time to parse out a/s/l and have you react accordingly.
12:37:25 AM me: he’s clearly not very good, or a pedo
12:37:31 AM andiepgrl: ok but you wiII have to sign up to get to them cause i have some R rated pixs on there lol.
12:37:39 AM me: lol.
12:37:41 AM andiepgrl: its free and fast to sign up. is that ok?
12:37:52 AM me: i’m 12.
12:38:01 AM andiepgrl: ok well just go here http://bit.ly/OrLqe8
12:38:16 AM andiepgrl: and when u get Iogged in just search for my profile its looking4fun ok?
12:38:27 AM me: nothing about this is ok
12:38:36 AM andiepgrl: k let me know what u think. iII brb
12:38:49 AM me: ttyl

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