Hello world!

I love the default title of the first WordPress post of a fresh install, and it seems exceptionally relevant right now.

I have completely ignored my webpresence for the last ~6 months, updating only the Citizen Sensor Dev Blog here and there… some sort of internet vacation.  However, it’s gone on way too long and will stop immediately. My return to the internet is now.

I’m retiring Technological Reconnaissance, my previous blog which pretty thoroughly documented my entire graduate school progress, although it does not mention too much about my thesis, Citizen Sensor, which has it’s own separate development blog. That will always be live at thesis.jmsaavedra.com, and I’ll continue to update it separately.

Just because I haven’t been posting or updating doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to tons of stuff. I will take the next couple weeks and begin to recursively write and publish work on here and on my portfolio site.

If you’re reading this, then thanks for stopping by, I promise I’ll be posting really exciting things in the very near future.  I’ll be posting all about any projects, teaching, work, and travel that comes my way. There’s a lot to catch up, so i’ll start now.

In the meantime, please excuse the design of the blog as I’m trying to unify my sites aesthetically. Web is not my forte, so things will be constantly changing until i find something i like / at least works.

Thanks again –


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