Upverter is my new favorite thing. GitHub-like version control for hardware. You can create circuit schematics in browser. You can create your own parts. You can see a bill of materials of all the components used in your circuit with a click (including useful links like datasheet, manufacturer, part number, etc). You can embed your schematics easily… like at the bottom of this post. Most importantly you can SHARE super easily.

My biggest issue at the moment is the fact that they have not completed the import and export functionality. What good is a schematic if I can’t create a board file to send off to be made. Ok yeah it’s still useful. But they are working on that, and once I am able to upload my .sch and .brd files from Eagle CAD, I will be very happy.

Below is the schematic for the Weather Tunnel unit circuit. It’s missing the Ethernet Shield, but all the pins you are connecting to are Mega2560 pins. Check it!

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